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Acrylic paint 12 colours A1212

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Acrylic paint 12 colours A1212

2-Pack Oilcolour Paint Set

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2 packs of Oil Colour Paint set. One pack is shown in the picture.

The manufactory has over 15years experiences in this field.

Oilcoulour paint set, includes 12 primary colours:
*Permanent White 12ml
*Vermilion 12ml
*Emerald Green 12ml
*Primary Cyan 12ml
*Carmine 12ml
*Burnt Umber 12ml
*Primary Yellow 12ml
*Spring Green12ml
*Cobalt Violet Imit12ml
*Primary Magenta 12ml
*Yellow Ochre 12ml
*Ivory Black 12ml

The key benefits of this Paint Set are its ease of use, brilliance, quick drying and matt finish. It's brilliance and opacity give it solidity, excellent for abstract work and fine details. 

Keywords: oil paintings colour; canvas art; portrait painting colour

SKU: A-155 x2
Weight: 1.00
Out of stock
Price: $10.45  inc GST