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Ceramic Rings Aquatics Biological Filter Media 250gm for Fish Tank

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One box of Ceramic Rings Aquatics Biological Filter Media 250gm for Fish Tank.

The Ceramic Rings Aquatics Biological Filter Media offers a low cost, good effective filter media solution. 

* Innovative biological filter media for koi and goldfish ponds

* Maximize surface area for beneficial pond bacteria to thrive

* Choose extremely porous Ceramic Rings or advanced design Bio-Globes

Ceramic Rings Aquatics Biological Filter Media offer the ideal habitat for beneficial nitrifying bacteria to colonize and thrive. Healthy bacterial populations mean efficient biological filtration that naturally process ammonia and nitrite toxic to koi, goldfish and other pond inhabitants.

Aquatics Biological Filter Ceramic Rings are extremely porous, providing tremendous surface area for nitrifying bacteria. Ceramic Rings are designed to maximize water flow and oxygenation and provide an amazing total surface area of 21,800 cubic feet!

Aquatics Biological Filter feature an advanced design that maximizes surface area, water flow and oxygenation. Polypropylene bio-balls can compress from 0.95" to 0.86" without reducing flow through the media. Space-saving feature allows versatile installation options without compromising performance.

Ceramic Rings Aquatics Biological Filter Media is great for use with pond skimmer filters, water fall filters or any pond filtration unit. 250g Ceramic Rings includes a media bag for easy use and replacement.

- Excellent Porous Structure

- High Bacterial Element.

- 250gm/box

- Size: 13mm Dia. x 14mm W

- Please wash it before using.

Key Words: Ceramic Rings Filter Media

Stocks are available for pickup at: 

Auckland and Tauranga Depots. 


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